Our 360 Tour of Hull for @BSG_Geomorph #BSG2017

Hello, and welcome to the latest news from the SeriousGeoGames Lab.

We’re really excited for September. First, we will be back at the Freedom Festival 2017! You can come and try our Virtual Reality games – TideBox and Flash Flood! – and learn about why flooding happens, and how changing climate and changing landscapes will increase the risk in the future. You can find us in the big inflatable cube on the C4Di carpark, Sat and Sun, 2nd and 3rd September.

Straight after we are running back to the University of Hull campus for the Annual Meeting of the British Society for Geomorphology, where we will be working with the Outreach Committee of the Society to showcase River-in-a-Box, an AR Sandbox, TideBox and Flash Flood! to the delegates. Chris Skinner will also be running a special advanced version of our Defend the City workshop, and sharing the latest discoveries from the Landscape Evolution Model Sensitivity Investigation Project (LEMSIP).

We can’t wait to welcome scientists from all over the UK (and the world) to our city of Hull. To help them find their way around, we made them a 360 video of some of the sights. As with all our 360 videos, these are best viewed on a Desktop PC, or on a mobile device via the YouTube App (otherwise it doesn’t work properly). Remember – look around.

We didn’t get it right all the time, and we put some of our outtakes in the video below.

We have more exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this site, or our Twitter, to be the first to know.


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