Games at #EGU18

The European Geoscience Union General Assembly, or EGU, is an annual meeting of geoscientists held in Vienna, Austria. At the 2017 meeting nearly 15,000 attended, with 5,000 talks and over 11,000 posters sharing the latest in scientific knowledge about our planet. The 2018 meeting promises to be extra special as it will feature the first ever, and totally unofficial (at the moment!), Geoscience Games Day on April 11th.

Want to see what the EGU is like? Check out our 360 Video Playlist.

It starts with a scientific programme, Games for Geoscience, highlighting the cutting-edge of games-based research in geoscience, with a session of talks and a session of posters. The Games Day concludes with a Geoscience Games Night, with an open invite to all attendees to bring their own games to share, or just come along to play someone else’s. The only rule is that they must have some link to geoscience, however tenuous.

We also have SeriousGeoGamers involved! Chris Skinner is convening the sessions, and Chloe Morris will be sharing her experiences with the SeriousGeoGames Lab with a poster presentation. We will also be trailing a very early version of our Flood-themed deck-builder game.

We are very excited! See you in Vienna or on #EGU18


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