It’s #GameOn for #EarthArcade at the @LivingWithH20 Hull-timate Challenge

It is with immense excitement that we can reveal that the Energy and Environment Institute (EEI) will be sponsoring the Humbergeddon “take-off” slide at the Hull-timate Challenge obstacle course.

EEI Banner

The 10k route will snake its way through Hull City Centre on the 19th-21st October 2018, punctuated by 30 immense and challenging obstacles. Competitors will have to prove their resilience in order to complete the grueling circuit.

And resilience really is the theme of the event as it has been organised by the Living With Water project, which brings together partners from Yorkshire Water, Hull City Council, East Riding Of Yorkshire Council, the Environment Agency, to help increase people’s awareness and ability to cope with future flooding.

Earth Arcade Banner

They’ve also been looking at wider environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, which means that EEI and Living With Water have been friends from the off, and it’s only right we support this awesome event.

As well as sponsoring Humbergeddon, we’ll also be bringing the Earth Arcade to the Resilience Fair in Queen’s Gardens, showing off River in a Box and Flash Flood! Vol 2.

Read the University of Hull Press Release here.

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