Earth Arcade @ Waterline

The heroes of 2020, Jedward*, once famously said that we are “close to the Waterline”. They were not wrong, as the Humber’s Waterline Summit kicks off next week, commencing 19th October 2020. The Summit highlights the region’s ambitions and plans to not only become carbon net-zero but also to become the world-leader in environmental transformation. This year’s theme is “Countdown to COP26″**.

The Earth Arcade is returning to Waterline for 2020, only this time virtually. Last year we hosted the Environment Agency’s Humber 2100+ team and #theHullWeWant project, showcased our Rising Tide powerpoint game, and shared Inundation Street for the first time – little did we know that a year later nearly 1.2 million people would have viewed it on YouTube!

With a virtual exhibit we can share lots of our activities and also some activities from our friends. You can try our popular 360 videos, Flash Flood! and Inundation Street, and be amongst the first to try new ones, By the Rising Tide of Humber and Help Callum. If you want to play games, then you can see how long you can survive in Crabby’s Reef, experience the ups and downs of flood recovery with Flood Snakes and Ladders and Get Floods Ready, or build a new green society in the Bioeconomy Game. You can also explore the Environment Agency’s Humber 2100+ interactive storymap, and learn how you can get involved as a playtester/citizen scientist with Kelly Stanford’s Resilience card game (before its official launch!).

On Monday 19th October 13:00-14:00 do not miss the “The Culture of Climate Change Debate” featuring EEI researchers Briony McDonagh (By Rising Tide of Humber), Christina Roggatz (Crabby’s Reef), and Kelly Stanford (Resilience). More EEI researchers will be speaking throughout the week also!

The virtual Earth Arcade exhibit at Waterline 2020

During Waterline there will be opportunity for attendees to visit the exhibit, try the activities, and also chat to people behind them. You can try any of the activities and games at any point in the week but we have themed some of our sessions, so if there’s something specific you want to know you can make sure to find the right person.

Monday 19th October 11:00-12:30 – The SeriousGeoGames Lab with Chris Skinner – Learn more about the mission and work of the project and chat about any of the games.

Monday 19th October 14:00-15:00 – The SeriousGeoGames Lab with Chris Skinner.

Tuesday 20th October 11:00-12:30 – Crabby’s Reef with Christina Roggatz – Learn more about the science behind the game.

Tuesday 20th October 14:00-15:00 – By Rising Tide of Humber with Stewart Mottram – Learn more about how poet Andrew Marvell’s Hull was brought to life.

Wednesday 21st October 11:00-12:30 – Betajester – Learn more about their game development work and their work on Flash Flood!, Inundation Street, By Rising Tide of Humber, and Crabby’s Reef.

Wednesday 21st October 14:00-15:00 – The SeriousGeoGames Lab with Chris Skinner.

Thursday 22nd October 14:00-15:00 – Help Callum with Alison Lloyd-Williams and Chris Skinner – Learn more our new 360 experience, Help Callum, and also about Lancaster University’s Flood Snakes and Ladders and Get Floods Ready.

If you’d like to attend the Waterline Summit, registration is still open and is FREE. Just head over to the website. For now, it’s only right we give Jedward the last word.

*Jedward are in no way affiliated with us or the Waterline Summit and the Waterline in their song is a metaphorical one reflecting them being ‘out of their depth’ and does not refer to the Summit.

**COP26 is the United Nation’s 26th Climate Change Conference, due to be held in Glasgow, November 2021. Find out more here.

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