EGU 2021 Games Day – April 28th

The annual EGU Games Day is nearly upon us, Wednesday the 28th April 2021. As usual, we have our science session, Games for Geoscience, kicking off at 2:15pm CEST. Following this, we have our Geoscience Games Night networking session that will begin in a specially designed GatherTown space at 5.30pm CEST.

During the Geoscience Games Night you can chat to you friends and colleagues and make use of the ample private spaces to play games. Unfortunately, because of the limitations of GatherTown and the license we are unable to provide a game for each space, so please do bring your own if you can.

But we are not totally devoid of games! Earlier this year, we ran two EGU Game Jams, one for print and play games and one for videogames. We’ve put together a webpage on SeriousGeoGames showcasing each of these games – some you can play through the browser, others need a little bit of prep beforehand, so do check these out prior to the Games Night. This web page can be accessed via the arcade space in the Games Room.

There are some geoscience- and game-based videos for you to relax and watch, plenty of free imaginary coffee and wine, we’ll be running a Geoscience Game Quiz, and also announcing the winners of our Game Jams.


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