360 Flood Stories

The Help Callum 360 Video

The 360 flood stories use real testimonies from people affected by flooding. They use 360 animations and videos to tell these stories, putting people into their shoes so they can see what their experiences first-hand.

Help Callum was a collaboration between the SeriousGeoGames Lab, social scientists at Lancaster University, and the Environment Agency. The team at Lancaster have worked with young people impacted by flooding to help them tell their stories – we chose one story, Callum’s, to bring to life to help people understand the struggles of young people after flooding.

Young people like Callum have incredible resilience and with a little help they can become powerful agents of change. With help from the team at Lancaster, he was given a voice and even presented a manifesto to parliament, outlining the changes he felt could be made to help young people like him after flooding.

Resources and Science sections to follow soon.