Inundation Street

The Inundation Street activity is based around a 360 video you can see on our YouTube channel, or indeed below. We hoped to tap into the popularity of 360 content on YouTube, but have been pleasantly surprised by the number of views this video has received.

The video is designed to gently nudge people into thinking about whether their house is at risk of flooding and what they can do about it – it is not an exhaustive list. At events we show the video using Oculus Quest headsets and encourage people to talk to us to find out more about flood risk and what they can do to help.


Inundation Street being used in partnership with #theHullWeWant and the Environment Agency’s Humber Strategy team at the Waterline Summit, Hull, 2019 (Image by Gill Hughes).


Inundation Street is designed to nudge people into finding out more about flood risk, how it might effect them, and what simple steps they could take in order to do that. If you are in England, here are some things you can do –

Check if your house is at risk of flooding.

Sign up for flood warnings.

Download a template and make a personal flood plan.

Put together a flood pack you can grab in case you need to leave quickly. Some things you might want to include are –

  • Your flood plan
  • A torch (and spare batteries)
  • Clothing (including warm and waterproof clothes)
  • Wellington boots
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mobile phone and chargers
  • Bottled water (tap water may be contaminated)
  • Food (non-perishable)
  • Any medication or medical aids you and your family need
  • A First-Aid kit
  • Notepad and pen
  • Radio (battery operated or wind-up)
  • Important documents, e.g. passports and insurance details (keep in a water proof container)
  • House and car keys, plus spares
  • Some cash and payment cards
  • Blankets
  • Pet supplies


Inundation Street is more than the 360 experience, in fact our developers, BetaJester Ltd, created an entire village. There is a lot more we hope to do within the house and the village, including gamifying the experience and expanding it use to cover training for different aspects of flooding.

Some of the views across the Inundation Street village. There is a large scope for further development.


The Inundation Street 360 video was a collaboration between Chris Skinner (SGG, EEI) and BetaJester Ltd. It was funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) project Data Assimilation for the Resilient City (DARE).