Welcome to the Earth Arcade!

The Earth Arcade is the space where we bring together all our games and activities and share them with you. We use the Arcade  to meet more people and share the latest environmental research more widely.

Earth Arcade exhibits as part of the Humber Street Party for the British Science Festival 2018 (Hull).

As part of the Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull, we focus on key environmental issues facing the planet right now, and into the future, such as

  • how do we manage climate change?
  • how do we make flooding less damaging?
  • how do we reduce our use of plastics?
  • how do we make sure we have enough food for everyone?
  • how do we make enough energy without harming ourselves and the planet?


The Energy and Environment Institute’s ‘Earth Arcade’ team supporting local resilience to flooding by being part of the Living with Water project, and successfully tackling the Hulltimate Challenge!

And in SeriousGeoGames tradition, we will be doing this through the medium of games!

Earth Arcade set ups at Hulltimate Challenge (left), Manchester Science Festival (top-right), and Scarborough Science and Engineering Week (bottom-right).

This is our Earth. This our Arcade. And we want to show that when it comes to dealing with environmental issues, like climate change and plastics, it isn’t game over, it’s game on!

Find out more about our key themes – flooding, food, energy, plastics, and transport.

IMAG0658 - Copy

The calm before the storm! All set up ahead of the first ever Earth Arcade at Hull Sci Fest 2018. Here we exhibited Flash Flood! Vol 2., Plastic Fishing, River in a Box, Flood City, and a selection of mini-activities (such as colouring and Top Trumps).