The Earth Arcade

The Earth Arcade is the way we share our research. Our bread and butter are exhibits at public events, including science festivals, where we try to go beyond the traditional tabletop demonstrations to create exciting and innovative themed spaces.

Earth Arcade exhibits are crewed by volunteers, drawn from researchers at the University of Hull, who are more than willing to talk to you about their own research. We take child protection and safeguarding extremely seriously, all our volunteers have clear DBS checks and have undergone safeguarding training.

IMAG2343.jpgWorking with colleagues from University of Hull Drama we created our ‘Forest’ themed space for Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2019, featuring an interactive 360 degree forest soundscape. We have used versions of this space at further events.

The name itself is meant to evoke an environmental ethos and also the sense of fun of a videogame arcade. It is also a play on Arcadia, a mythical utopia were humanity and nature live together sustainably and in union. Through the Earth Arcade we aim to inspire people to take positive action for our environment by seeking to build a better future, rather than just to avoid a disaster.

The Earth Arcade is well equipped for exhibits, including several suites of virtual reality kit, iPads and stands, mini picket fencing, den building kit, banners and branding, and an expanding library of environmental-themed books.

The vision for the Earth Arcade is to one day produce our own games, activities, and resources made available for all to use.