Hall of the Earth Arcade

Welcome traveller to the Hall of the Arcade. Before you is a great adventure, a quest to save the world from the greatest environmental issues known to society.

This is the front page for the Earth Arcade section of the website. It is laid out like a ‘choose your own adventure’ game, and will allow you to explore all aspects of the Earth Arcade. However, we appreciate that you may just want a quick summary of what we do and this can be found here.

For those, more adventurous among you, enter of the Hall of the Earth Arcade below…

You enter the hall of the science festival. The buzz of the crowd hangs in the air along with the sense of excitement for what you are about to see and learn. There are dozens of stands for you to visit, each with exhilarating experiments and demos for you to try, and each crewed by a friendly and enthusiastic scientist ready to share the love they have for their work with you.


There’s one stand which particularly draws your attention – adorned with banners of bright colours, and lights and sounds which remind you of an old school games arcade, it looks like something a little different. You walk closer to get a better look and see helpers wearing green t-shirts or purple hoodies, smiling and talking to people of all ages.

Families enjoying a range of activities, with toddlers playing floor games, older kids on computers, and adults enjoying the retro arcade machines.

The banners at the entrance beckon you into the Earth Arcade with the promise of ‘Games to Save the World’. You wonder how on earth could games possibly save the world? The entrance is open to you and the friendly helpers are welcoming you in.

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Enter the Earth Arcade.

Turn around and see something else.

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On each page on your journey you can find some additional information by scrolling down before you decide on your next step. Here we will go more in depth about the motivation and the science behind the games and activities.