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The Earth Arcade Academy 2020 was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) under the Embedding Engagement call. It aimed to help researchers overcome barriers to sharing their environmental research publicly by providing training, resources, and support to help them design, develop, and deliver their own engagement activities.

We supported six fantastic projects in this first round –

Don’t Drown! (Marijke de Vet and Josh Wolstenholme)

Don’t Drown! aims to use a multitude of innovative techniques to create an interactive 3D model of flood risk. The model will feature real flood management using a mix of laser scanning, photogrammetry, and 3D printing.

Is knitting climate stripes a good tool in climate change education? (Kate Smith)

This project will encourage people to use crafts, like knitting, to visualise environmental data, for example the climate stripes. Can the crafts be used in a group format to encourage discussion and conversation about environmental issues?

PoroCITY (Josh Ahmed)

PoroCITY will be a video game communicating the aims and results of the THYME project. The Academy is funding a pilot of this narrative driven game to help communicate issues of soil health and the bio-economy.

Porocity was once a bustling metropolis in the underground world of Lios. Insects marched up and down the muddy high street, literally crawling over one another to be the first to taste the latest organic snack from Beetle’s Tea Room. Slater’s was the only place to go if you needed to freshen up your wardrobe: their store would be packed top to bottom with vibrantly coloured items, exclusively sourced from The Top Side. The world’s best and brightest bacteria flocked to the city to work in one of the many nitrifying factories, helping to produce the nutrients required to sustain the underground world. Life was bliss. Then, one day, about 200 years ago, everything changed…

CoastSnap Withernsea (Katie Parsons, Serena Teasdale, Flo Halstead)

Withernsea is located on the Holderness Coast, one of the most rapidly eroding coastlines in the world. Working with the international project CoastSnap, this project will empower local residents to monitor the erosion of their local coastline and build a citizen science database.

Coastsnap Withernsea

INtergenerational Stories of Erosion and Coastal community Understanding of REsilience “INSECURE” (Flo Halstead, Katie Parsons, Lisa Jones)

INSECURE will work with local residents and schools in Withernsea to colelct and tell intergenerational stories of coastal erosion. The stories and photographs will be collected into an exhibit to be shared locally and nationally.


Climate Adventure Game (Kelly Stanford)

This project will use the RPG Maker programme to create a narrative driven roleplay adventure with a climate change theme. Kelly will incorporate real stories from climate scientists and her own original art works into the game.