The Energy and Environment Institute

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There is a golden light which gives way to a glorious green – it reminds you of nature, a clean, healthy world. There are people here, some extraordinary¬†people doing extraordinary things. Could they be superheroes? They’re not wearing capes…

They are not superheroes, they are just like everybody else, and they are passionate about solving some of the most pressing global issues facing the planet and society, be they climate change, plastic pollution, defending against flooding, or just keeping the lights on and food on the table. Ordinary people wanting to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Click on the banner above to learn more about the Energy and Environment Institute. The Earth Arcade was established to provide a space in which researchers from the Institute could share their research with the public, hoping to inspire them to join them in making the world a better place. We only have one planet, it is our arcade, let’s look after it.

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