Run Down of the Earth Arcade

This page provides summaries of all our activities, including general information, virtual reality games, other games, other activities, and some next steps. Scroll down, read the summaries, and click on a link to find further information. Alternatively, try our ‘choose your own adventure‘ story trail.

General Information

What is the Earth Arcade

The Earth Arcade is a space in which researchers from the Energy and Environment Institute can share their research with the public. It is jammed full of games, activities, and craftivism to inspire you to help us make the world a better place.

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The Earth Arcade is just a space. It’s superpower is the people behind it – real-life scientists working at the cutting-edge of research into some of the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Past Events

The Earth Arcade has been exhibited at lots of events including the British, Hull, and Manchester Science Festivals, at the Royal Society and Natural History Museum in London, and even at the Water’s Edge Visitor Centre in Barton-upon-Humber.

The Energy and Environment Institute

The Energy and Environment Institute is part of the Univeristy of Hull and is leading efforts to tackle global environmental resilience and energy sustainability.

Virtual Reality Games

Flash Flood!

Flash Flood! is a SeriousGeoGame built using real research data to show the impacts flash flooding can have on rivers. The user interacts with a freely explorable 3D environment in virtual reality.

Humber in a Box

Humber in a Box is sadly defunct now, but allowed users to interact with a miniature model of the Humber Estuary in virtual reality. They could raise the sea level and see predicted future flooding. It was a world-first merging of a research-grade model with a gaming engine.

Inundation Street

We are still developing Inundation Street and the final game will highlight the risks of flash surface flooding in built up areas. Based around a free 360 YouTube video it will show what you should and shouldn’t do to prepare yourself for flooding.


Other Games

Big Screen Games

The Big Screen Games use a touchscreen table and interactive PowerPoint presentations to inject some more depth, detail, and customisation to our exhibits.

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Our most ambitious project, Resilience will be a collectible card game which looks at all aspects of flood defence (and attack). Take control of your own town, keep it safe and please your people enough to stay in a job, whilst making sure your friends lose theirs.


Retro Arcade

Using DIY Raspberry Pi mini-arcade machines, and custom-made environmentally-themed games, the Retro Arcade is a fun way to learn a little bit. At least that’s the plan!


Plastic Fishing

Plastic Fishing is a simple demonstration using paddling pools, crepe paper, and magnetic fish to highlight how the world’s oceans are becoming increasingly polluted. It is ideal for entertaining younger children.


Other Activities

River in a Box

The River in a Box demo is based around an EmRiver stream table and we use it to show how rivers evolve, how erosion can change flood risk, and also how plastic pollution moves from the land to sea via rivers.

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Plastic under the Microscope

This demo uses digital microscopes to view tumble drier fluff giving a close up view of plastic fibres.


Next Steps

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