Big Screen Games

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In the middle of the Earth Arcade is something which looks like a table, but surely it can’t be that simple? Maybe the scientist in the purple hoody will shed some light on the mystery. They show you the table which is in fact a large touchscreen and they begin to explain the presentation to you.


Passing you a chunky magnetic pen, you can make choices about future activities and after each selection you see the consequences of those choices. It is packed full of information for you to explore and when you have questions the scientist is more than willing to answer them enthusiastically.

It was great to explore an environmental issue in greater detail and learn more about how we might act to mitigate and manage it. You return the pen to the scientist and look for the next thing to try.

I want to try another Virtual Reality game.

I want to try some retro games.

I want to leave the Earth Arcade.

I don’t have time for this, show me a list.

The Big Screen Games use a combination of our CleverTouch touchscreen table and interactive PowerPoint presentations. This allows us to produce bespoke activities for each event, and to go into a greater level of detail than is possible with our other games and activities. These presentations tend to include animations of computer modelling performed for our research, and provide users a selection of scenarios to choose from.