Inundation Street

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You look around and see people wearing goggles, but these ones are different to the ones you tried earlier – these ones are made of cardboard. Someone in a green Earth Arcade t-shirt passes you one and tells you to use your mobile phone. You open the Velcro on the goggles and place your phone inside, using the link you’ve been provided.


Image credit: NERC

Amazingly, you’ve turned your own mobile phone into a Virtual Reality headset! It even knows what direction you are looking in and you can look all around you. You’re in a residential street, it’s raining, and water is beginning to back up out of the drains. A voice is telling you the best things to do in this situation, taking you through the steps of a pre-prepared flood plan.

You feel much more prepared now, and know how to check the flood risk for your own house, where to go to find information on making a flood plan, and even sign up for flood warnings. Fun AND informative.

Are there any card games here?

Who are all these people in the hoodies?

I want to leave the Earth Arcade.

I don’t have time for this, just show me a list.

Inundation Street is not ready yet, it is still in development – keep an eye on our blog for updates. Funded by the ESPRC project, DARE, the motivation of Inundation Street is to highlight the dangers of urban flash flooding, which is surface flooding which happens when rain is so heavy it overwhelms the drains. This type of flooding doesn’t need an obvious source, like a river or the sea, so can happen anywhere, and the water is often polluted.

Users will be able to see the 3D environment via a 360 YouTube video and will be led through actions which may or may not improve their ability to keep themselves, and their property, safe from flooding. When viewed on a mobile phone with a cardboard-style headset the user will get a virtual reality style experience.

Partners – BetaJester, ESPRC DARE.