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You see a group in the corner looking at decks of cards, laughing and having a great time. There is an expression of concentration on their faces, it’s obviously competitive whatever it is they are playing but it’s being played in a great spirit.

Going over you see what they are playing. It’s a card game called Resilience. Each one of the players is the Mayor of their own town and they are striving to keep it safe from flooding, and remain popular enough to stay in a job. All the while, the others are doing their best to flood the other towns and get the Mayor’s fired!

An early prototype of Resilience being played at the 2017 EGU Geoscience Games Night

They tell you that they each have their own collection of cards and design their playing decks from this depending on their tactics. You don’t have your own cards, but you can still play using a deck of randomly chosen cards. You end up getting fired as floods sweep the streets of your town, but you had fun and think you might just start collecting this game.

OK, tell me more about the Earth Arcade.

Resilience is an ongoing project and our most ambitious game to date – for updates on development, keep an eye on our blog. The game will be a card game where the emphasis is firmly on fun, although it just so happens to be themed around flooding!

We want to make attractive, collectible cards and to achieve this we’ve teamed up with Kelly Stanford, The Lab Artist. It’s early days but the artworks and designs she has produced are simply stunning.

We’re being deliberately scant on details for now, but we hope to bring you more as soon as we can.

Partners: Kelly Stanford.