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Well done Adventurer! You have reached the centre of the Hall of the Earth Arcade and as your reward some of it secrets will be revealed to you.

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The Earth Arcade began in 2018 as part of the Energy and Environment Institute at the University of Hull. It is a space intended to invoke the memory and feel of old school games arcades – that sense of fun and freedom. In this space we can show off our games and share the latest research on some of the most pressing environmental issues facing society and the planet.



We align our themes with those of the Energy and Environment Institute, summarised as Flooding, Plastics, Pollution, and Energy. We aim to show why these issues need to be solved, what we are doing to find these solutions, and offer help to those who want to make a personal contribution to the those solutions.

This is our Earth, it is our Arcade, and we want to show that when it comes to dealing with environmental issues, it isn’t game over, it’s game on!

Yes, Game on!

Nah, Game over…

I don’t have time for this, take me to a list.