Retro Arcade

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Above the sound of laughter, chat, and the general buzz of the excitable crowd, there is a constant and persistent din of 8bit music. You don’t recognise the music itself but it is oddly familiar, and it just keeps going. It is interspersed with noises and buzzes, and you spot where it is all coming from.

There is a row of retro style arcade cabinets and a crowd of people playing them by frantically pressing the light up buttons and manipulating joy sticks. You find a free arcade machine and are pleased to find out it is free, no need to insert a coin to play. The game looks like a game you remember from long ago but has been given an environmental twist.

It’s tricky but you have quick fingers and are proud to type in your initials onto the leader board for getting a high score. You hope it will stay there for a long time.

What is there for my toddler to do?

I want to see a nice river.

I want to leave.

I don’t have time for this, show me a list.

We don’t have a Retro Arcade yet – it is a dream and are working to make it happen. We will use the Pimoroni PiCade, which is a small, Raspberry Pi based arcade machine kit which runs off the Retropie operating system. We just need to invent and make some games to run on them.