The Forest

The Forest is a specialist group of activities and engagement space designed with colleagues from the University of Hull’s School of the Arts. Amy Skinner and Cat Fergusson Baugh are specialists in Drama and Theatre, and particularly in scenography – the study and practice of performative space. Whilst a traditional science festival exhibit seeks to excite participants with ‘crash bang’ experiences, The Forest invites them into a more reflective and mindful engagement.

The forest

The space of The Forest is delineated with a boundary, it is necessary for participants to enter into the exhibit. Within they find a group of activities, separate, yet connected through overlapping conversation circles. An immersive 360 soundscape featuring forest noises of different areas transports them across the world.

Within The Forest families read stories and ideas together in the Environmental Library, or alter the space themselves through building dens – some combine the two, taking books from the Library to read in the dens they have built. We invite them to feedback their ideas on how to solve environmental issues by writing them on a paper bird and hanging these up around the space.

View our display presented at the 2020 General Assembly of the European Geoscience Union here.