Games4Geo (@GeoSciGames) was established in 2018 by Chris Skinner, Jazmin Scarlett, Liz Lewis, Rolf Hut, and Sam Illingworth as a science sharing session at the annual General Assembly of the European Gesocience Union. To support the session, and just for fun, we also set up the first ever (that we know of) Geoscience Games Night.

In 2020, unable to meet in person, the Games4Geo Games went online

In 2019, the EGU Geoscience Games Night saw over 300 researchers come together and play games. Erin Robinson came on board to bring the Games for Geoscience session across the pond to the annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

We are hoping to grow Games4Geo beyond the conferences and into a network of likeminded researchers and gamers. If that is you, please join our Discord server.