The SeriousGeoGames Lab is a research active group led by Research Fellow Dr Chris Skinner within the Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull. We specialise in the use of environmental models to simulate flooding, geomorphology, and how the two interact. We also research the use of games, both to improve our modelling and also to help us communicate our results, engaging the public in issues that will impact them now or in the future.

Environmental numerical, or computer, modelling is the use of specialist software to try and simulate how the world works. We don’t have the computers or the knowledge to do this perfectly, so we have to simplify the processes – however, environmental models provide us useful information that we can use to plan for the future.

To learn more about different areas of our research, click on the links below –

Modelling Proglacial Lakes in Peru (NERC-PEGASUS Project)

Modelling Geomorphology

Modelling Flooding


360 Videos

Natural Flood Management Toolkit