We get a lot of requests to bring our games to events and schools. Sadly, we do not have the resources to take our games everywhere we would like to, but we do want them to be as accessible as possible. If you wish to use our games at events, or in classes, we very much welcome that and on this page we list some of the resources available you might find useful. We only ask in return that you let us know how you used them and any feedback you might have – please contact us via Twitter, or our Contact page.

And, don’t forget, you can use any of our YouTube videos for free via our channel.

Flash Flood!

You can download the Desktop software for Flash Flood! from our SourceForge page. This will run on most modern PCs, can be operated using a keyboard, and can also be run from a memory stick. It is recommended that you download and read the manual first, and then the file FlashFloodDesktopInstall.exe

You can also download our booklet we use at events, and a handy quick start and control sheet with keyboard controls.

You can find the files here.